Like so many others, the only way our founder, Nathan, seemed to keep up with the long hours he was working was through guzzling countless coffees and other caffeine and sugar-laden drinks. As the healthy drinks revolution picked up pace he noticed that even many of the newer & “healthier” brands compromised on the very values they were meant to be championing.

Energy drinks still had too much caffeine and too much sugar, regardless of how they were “dressed up” – caffeine from green coffee beans is still caffeine, and agave syrup is still sugar.

It was this realization that led Nathan to leave the world of finance behind and discover a new type of energy – one that was truly healthy and actually worked.

Working with drinks expert Dr Joshi, Nathan discovered the Baobab and witnessed the power of this African superfood himself on a trip to Kenya in early 2018. One of the most potent superfoods around, Baobab powder has been relied upon as a natural energy source across Africa for thousands of years.

Baobab powder is extremely high in fibre, the perfect ingredient to regulate your blood sugars (meaning no spikes and crashes – and definitely no caffeine jitters) and sustain energy levels for hours rather than minutes. Fibre also does wonders for your gut health, supporting everything from your immune system & overall wellbeing to your digestion.

Containing more than 5x the vitamin C of oranges, combined with a host of other antioxidants and micronutrients, Baobab is also a metabolic booster enabling your body to work harder to convert more of the carbs and fats it stores in its cells into energy.

One year after the journey began, it is very satisfying to know that we have now created a new type of energy. An energy with all of the benefits you need (and more) but without the guilt.

Nathan Clemes’ story of Unrooted