“Over the past year we have conducted countless hours of research, spoken to multiple baobab suppliers and even flown to Kenya and back to make sure we can uphold the highest standards of sustainability”


Baobab trees are grown in the wild, and the fruit we harvest is grown naturally to the highest EU organic standards and always picked sustainably. We will always take great care to not over-harvest or damage the trees and to maintain the existing eco-system. Our local partners are committed to the conservation of the Baobab and work hard on educating the local harvesters on the most sustainable techniques.


We make sure our harvesters and their communities are properly compensated for their hard work in gathering our delicious Baobab fruit. We also aim to support the education of people locally and internationally on the nutritional benefits of baobab.


We endeavor to support international and local organisations in their research to help realise the Baobab’s full potential, both economically for those who work with the trees and on the latest growing and harvesting techniques.