“Grown in the wild and picked by hand, the Baobab is Africa’s most legendary superfood”

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Baobab fruit

The Baobab tree is unconventional in every way, but the power that comes from its naturally tangy fruits is second to none.

Despite the Baobab’s reputation for spawning some of the world’s most ancient trees, many of which are over 1000 years old, it seems only now it is on the cusp of being fully acknowledged as a source of one of the most potent superfoods around.

Which is odd, given the range of nutritional benefits the Baobab powder provides and has provided for multiple generations in Africa and other continents lucky enough to be able to harvest this incredible fruit…


Fibre & Prebiotics

The Hadza, one of the world’s last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes living in Northern Tanzania on the Serengeti plains, have known the benefits of fibre for generations.

In 2017, Tim Spector, Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at King’s College London, together with the BBC set out to understand how & why the people of one of Africa’s most legendary tribes had such a healthy microbiome (the ecosystem of bacteria in our bodies), and whether living like them could improve his own.

Maintaining a balanced and healthy microbiome, much of which is situated in our gut, is essential for our overall wellbeing, affecting everything from our metabolism to our immune system, and even our mental health.

Crucially, the Hadza drink Baobab fruit mixed with water every morning, a rich source of prebiotic fibre and vitamin C that helps to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. This helps to maintain your day-to-day energy levels naturally - without caffeine, chemicals and synthetic stimulants that inevitably lead to an energy crash and burn. If the Hadzas don't need caffeine or excess sugar to stay energised, then why do we?

We call this Fresh Energy


The Western diet doesn’t have enough fibre

A typical Western diet is fibre deficient by up to 33% on average according to the British Nutrition Foundation. This has been driven by years of consuming too many highly processed and high-sugar content foods.

Baobab powder is incredibly high in fibre, approximately 50% by weight, comprised of 60% soluble fibre and 40% insoluble fibre – both crucial for maintaining a healthy gut.

Soluble fibre, or dietary fibre, is important for many things. It acts as a regulator of your blood sugars by adjusting the release of sugars from your stored reserves into your blood, which helps to reduce energy spikes and crashes throughout the day. Soluble fibre is also a prebiotic – prebiotics keep your gut healthy & happy by creating an environment where your body’s good bacteria (probiotics) can thrive.

Insoluble fibre, on the other hand, also has many other gut benefits, specifically related to digestion. As you may have guessed from the name, insoluble fibre is not broken down in your stomach or small intestine, but acts a roughage which helps move waste along your large intestine.

Unrooted contains 10 grams of Baobab powder per bottle - or up to 15% of your daily recommended fibre intake.

Fresh baobab smoothie


Baobab is packed full of antioxidants, having more than pomegranates and cranberries combined on a gram for gram basis. Antioxidants, typically vitamin C and E, fight off potentially damaging agents called “free radicals”. These agents can cause cell stress and antioxidants are responsible for slowing down the cell-ageing process and also preventing damage to your skin.

In particular, Baobab has more than 5x the levels of vitamin C compared to oranges. Vitamin C, combined with the vast array of micronutrients found in Baobab, are key to both maintaining and boosting your metabolism, thereby keeping your energy levels elevated naturally. This is because Baobab contains the necessary pre-cursors to create L-Carnitine, including amino acids, iron, Vitamin B6, niacin and Vitamin C. L-Carnitine, once formed, helps the body to produce energy and is used in brain, heart and muscle function.



Baobab is high in a vast array of micronutrients, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Like for like the Baobab fruit has...

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Amino acids

Baobab also has a relatively high concentration of amino acids, including several which are known for their energy boosting properties:

  • Glutamic acid (good for fighting stress)
  • Phenylalamine (good for fighting fatigue)
  • Tryptophan (pre-cursor to serotonin production, a chemical widely link to happiness and well-being)
  • Tyrosine (pre-cursor to adrenaline and dopamine production)

How do we keep all this goodness packed in a glass bottle?

We are doing our utmost to work with our own food scientists as well as experts all around the world to help us understand more about Baobab. We have carefully crafted every step of our production process – from the storage of our ingredients to the temperature and duration of pasteurization – to ensure the highest levels of fibre, antioxidants and other nutrients are transferred directly from the Baobab fruit and in to the bottle.

If you have any questions about Baobab or how we make Unrooted, please drop us a line at hello@unrootedenergy.com!

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